Not Yet, Submit?!

This is actually post 3 of 3 in my “Not Yet” series. “Not Yet?” was the first post and “Not Yet, You Are Hidden‘” was the second. Here I want to dig into not being able to move into the promise of God on your life because you won’t submit to the Lord. I decided in the summer of 2018 to test the Lord by submitting to His authority and be radically obedient. I said Lord, I am going to “go” and “do” when You tell me to and trust the plan that You have for me. . . . . . I mean, what’s the worse that can happen, right?

See prior to this decision I was in the same cycles with relationships, my career, and finances. I was networking and doing my own thing. I thought that I had the correct formula or set of actions to get what I wanted. I was helping God create a path for me, but the truth is, He didn’t need my help. I thought I was ready to move to the next level, He said, “not until you submit to my will, my way!” He just needed me to do the last thing He told me and spend time with Him.

Here’s the thing, the Lord showed me very clearly where He is taking me but not how I am going to get there. It’s my submission and obedience to the process that will light my path. It is around every corner and after every changing wind that I literally see how that last ordered step was placed to get me to the expected end.

I am happy. I am joyful. I am loved. It is well. It is also HARD. I get anxiety. Sometimes, I panic. I feel queasy. I cry. I run. I hide. I have to woman up and remind myself that all things work together for my good and that I am submitted to the author and finisher of my fait. He needs my testimony to show others that He is still God, so I know He won’t fail me. This “not yet” season is intended to develop and strengthen me.

It’s like telling a child no dessert until they finish their well balanced dinner because you know what’s best for them. The child has to submit to authority to get dessert… and so do we.

I challenge you to let go and let God do His thing. If you are in a place, a season of “not yet” like I am, have faith and try submission. Open your eyes, heart, mind and soul to seeing things differently and finding God in everything. How could you not want the all knowing, all seeing, all being to order your steps to the expected end? Every day with Jesus is sweet and even the bad days are good. Test Him. Try it. Submit and see that the Lord is good!


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