The Other “B” Words

The scenarios replay over and over. Did this really just happen? Did they really just do that?! My Sunshine, Marlon, always describes betrayal as “Forget your chick and the click you claim!” This is a PG excerpt from “Hit Em Up” by that great philosopher, Tupac Shakur.

Here’s my thing, people with huge hearts, that love unconditionally, that pour wisdom and invest themselves in the advancement of others really FEEL betrayal. I’m equating betrayal to fire that shot up in my bones while an elephant has one leg on my chest, and I can’t jump up and run. You are forced to sit in it, deal with it and process it before it walks away from you, leaving you puzzled about what to do next.

Here’s what I’ve found out about betrayal, it’s a blessing. Consider this… you have been praying and believing God for something in your life. That something could be tied to the betrayer. You prayed and cried asking the Lord to remove people, places and things that aren’t like Him so that you can receive His promises and BOOM 💥————- YOU HAVE BEEN BETRAYED!

Reflect on what you’ve been praying for. Time? Increase in finances or prosperity? Debt forgiveness? Better health? How to step into your passion or purpose? Increase in self esteem? A path to self care or self love? Supportive friendships? A healthy, equally yoked relationship?

Now, think of the betrayal. Is it directly tied to or did it make the space and opportunity for your blessing to move in? For you to start to move into that space that fulfills your dreams? The betrayals against me did. What held me back, frankly sometimes what holds me back is not recognizing this, trying to make sense of betrayal and not seeing the blessing!

I promise on everything that is within me, betrayal is a blessing. My close friends wonder why I don’t argue (speak up) when something happens . . . I learned to go straight to Jesus. Like, “Hey 👋🏾, it’s me Jesus. What IS HAPPENING!? What’s the rhyme or reason behind this mess, but more importantly, WHAT are you trying to teach me?! This ain’t cool. That was bogus, but I trust you Lord!”

I am a few days past the most recent incident and when I got to the end of this post, is when the Holy Spirit reminded me that I asked to clear debt and move into prosperity. I prayed that anything hindering me from making it to the next level and moving in God’s purpose in my life be released from me. I didn’t anticipate betrayal in this fashion. I blinked 7 times and saw the blessing!

Be encouraged. Before you boss up on the Betrayal, look for the Blessing!

A Little Sisters ImpaCT

You love them and have no idea where your life would be without them, right? They are such supportive, feisty young creatures that are attached to you like hang nails. They get on your last nerve, annoy you, but HERE ME when I say, ” Little sisters are the apples of their mothers eyes !”

No, really. I have a few little sisters that are amazing. I am blessed to have them. If you really want to know what the world thinks of you, get a little sister. They will tell you the honest truth about your sense of style, your hair, breath, career choices and who you are dating.

I can’t tell you the day or the time that Christin CT Taylor and I met or how we started these daily conversations. What I can tell you, is that this sweet little lady has infected me with such love and tenderness that I can’t stand myself 😊☺️. At my worst she has loved me and supported me. At my best she is one of my biggest supporters. Not a half day goes by without a text or phone call or those FaceTime’s where she screams, “Why am I on pause, I can’t see your face!”


I used to wonder how or why she chose me? Why she wanted to be my little sister? Why did she trust me so much to help lead, guide and mold her over 11 years go? I don’t wonder anymore, I just count myself blessed. Christin is one of the main reasons I wrote ⚠️Pay Attention⚠️. She is one of the main reasons that this Blog is up and running. She invested in my vision. Her impaCT shows in the lives of all of those around her.

During one of our conversations I shared with her some of my fears. As soon as we hung up the phone, she sent me this.

What I Know: There’s a blessing in being chosen as a friend/sister and that “No New Friends!” is only a song. Not a lifestyle. We just need to be vigilant and use discernment when developing new relationships.

What I Want You To Know: Allowing someone to love and support you, to be your friend, your little sister, will BLESS you beyond measure. God places people on your life’s journey for you to share your victories and defeats. Pay attention to those people, they are the ones that show you, YOU ARE NEVER ALONE.

P.S. CT, I love you👯‍♀️💕💞