Holla If You Hear Me!!!!

I hope that you hear me, but what’s more important is that I HEAR ME! My heart has a delicate sound. My work ethic and career have an assertive sound. My friendships have a compassionate sound. All of these sounds and more make up my amazing voice. Sometimes one sound overcompensates for the other sounds, but there’s no denying that you can hear my voice.

In the shadows I have developed a prayer, praise and worship lifestyle that brings me such joy and peace. It is why when you talk to me about things gone wrong, I tell you not to worry and that everything is going to work out. LeAnne and I were on the phone joking one time and I started singing, “Jesus will work it out,” and she finished it with, “and, we lets Him!”

My most recent voice finding has come within my career and employment life. Mid 2019, I was smartly redesigned into a position that I knew absolutely nothing about. Heck, I had no idea the group even existed. What I realized in that transition was there was no way that I was going to make it unless I dove in to the new role, spoke up, asked questions to gain a better understanding. I walked into the room. There were 11 men. I sat down at the table, read the room and made an assessment on how to fit in. I waited about 1 week, I smiled and then I spoke. From that day on, I became a leader, social organizer, problem solver, go to person and delicate handler of the group and the information that was possessed.

Why is that important, you may ask? It’s important because I never jumped in to take over, I jumped in to win the trust and admiration of my new coworkers. To do that, I needed to find my voice in that group. I know my individual voice. I know my work ethic voice. What I didn’t know was my new job voice. My personality was always, always going to be present, but my voice in this new group was to valuable for it to just be a sound, I needed it to be music to the teams ears.

I’ve been told that my voice can be heard down hallways and around corners. I want you to know that this happy, energetic, cheerful young lady is on the way, but I also know when I need to exercise silence as my voice. Understanding this dimension and which voice belongs in what setting has been a catalyst for my employment enjoyment. Don’t get me wrong, I also have a frustrated voice. A you’ve got to be kidding voice. A who are you talking to voice. A that’s a terrible idea voice. An I can’t wait to meet with you voice… the list goes on.

I am so proud and so excited for my career oriented voice. It is sustaining me, propelling me, driving me for more, better, greater.

Do you have multiple voices? Or, do you take that one voice of yours with your personality ozzing through and not care who thinks what? Do you have an adaptable voice? I do and I have no idea how i’d get around without it! Holla if you hear me!


What Energy Do You Bring?

Why is the energy that you bring into a room so significant? It’s because it’s your identifier. I didn’t understand that until I was smartly redesigned to a development opportunity at work last month. My manager looked at me, smiled and in summation said, “I moved you to this group because there’s a difficult task ahead and we felt like, since everyone loves working with you, you’d be able to handle it and cheer the people up that are already in this group.”

The humans in my department call me “smiley.” At 38 years old, I am still a kid at heart. I sing. I dance. I am random. I giggle, but if something is really funny, I snort. I ask lots of questions. I make faces. I laugh out loud. I am up beat. I am optimistic. I am loving. I am caring. I am compassionate. I let my light shine so that everyone can see the God in me. All of this is who I am, but I am not limited to these things. These things are my personality. They are my energy.

So, when I attended a meeting earlier this week, I was stuck in a social tragedy, and appeared distracted and withdrawn. I felt like this meeting went on forever. No sooner than the last Excel cell was filled in and the meeting concluded, the 13 people in the room shifted their attention to me and asked, “what was wrong?” I was totally thrown off and responded, “Nothing at all, I am fine.” In unison, they retorted, “You are not!” See, my energy was off. I didn’t make a peep or crack a smile. My off energy or lack there of, threw off the energy in the room, thus making this meeting painful for more than just me.

I said all of that to say this, your energy precedes you. We spend so much of our time at work and we want employment enjoyment. It can be hard to read the energy in the room sometimes, and though it’s important to do that you should also bring your own energy. And the positive kind. I like to think of my energy as a cool breeze on a warm summer day that makes you tilt your chin upwards, smile, take a deep breath and pause while fostering a spirit of excellence, cohesiveness, inclusion, positivity and being results driven. This way, when you aren’t in the room, your energy will speak for you.

When your energy is good, people remember you. Your name comes up. Your name will be in rooms that your feet haven’t even touched yet. Allowing the God energy, the positive energy to shine through comes in handy when it’s time to elevate you. Remember this: David had good energy. He was either sent to or sent for as he elevated to king. Be mindful of your energy.


Job Long Time

Instant gratification. It gets us in trouble every time. One of my BFF’s, Frenae, has a saying, “job long time.” Whenever she is promoted or receives accolades, she reminds us all that she’s been with her company sharing revolutionary ideas and producing results for over 20 years. She started as an intern doing grunt work. She worked when we were partying. She’s been early to rise and burned midnight oil and all of her hard work has produced some amazing results in the past 5 years because she’s been promoted more times than I can recall. Frenae is the Oprah to my Gayle.

Why am I telling you this? I am so glad you asked. “Job long time,” is a reminder that you have to withstand the process and actually do the work. The day you start the job is most definitely NOT the day you get the promotion. You don’t even get paid on day one. Day one is the day you plant the seed. And don’t show up being a “Debbie Downer” or a “Negative Nancy” or even a “Troublesome Todd!” Have a positive attitude and be teachable. Personally, I am 12 years into Corporate America, and I spend a lot of time listening before speaking.

Frenae is a great example of patience and humbleness. She showed up. She did the work. She took on side projects. She shadowed others. Do not get me wrong, I know that work environments are all different and there are places where people are discriminated against and disrespected. Everything is not smooth sailing. Even in those cases you have to show up with your head on strong and straight while keeping your eye on the prize. We will talk about that later though…

Whew! I always come back to “job long time!” I am not a rookie, I am a vet! I show up every day to do my job, enhance my skills, build relationships and my reputation of being a knowledgeable, dependable team player. I smile at the compliments and accolades. I acknowledge the moving parts and always reiterate that it’s the hard work that makes the difference. Somebody is always watching. I’ve been promoted and offered other projects as a result of my hard work on unrelated projects. People seek you out for promotions and advancement based off of your reputation and results.

Your time is coming! Do not give up! Remember that some seeds take days and others take months, maybe even years to harvest. It’s not a race, it’s a sprint. If you get discouraged remember Frenae was 15+ years in the game before her promotions took off one year after another. I’m sure she’ll be a director in no time and keep soaring! You have to bow your head and stay the course. Remember…. JOB LONG TIME!!!