Manage Risks

We all have dreams. Some of those dreams require us to adopt an entrepreneurial mind-set. If that’s your path, you must be comfortable with risk. Granted, as an entrepreneur, you should have a business plan for the road you will travel to get your business up and running, but no detail is risk free. However, the risk should be calculated. Don’t blindly accept risk; deal with it intelligently and always with your eyes open wide.

[Me, talking to me]. Write the blog and actually post it. Personally, baring your soul, sharing your emotions or just opening up about the life path you have traveled is a whole lot. It makes you vulnerable. But, following your passion makes you accountable to yourself. It’s risky. The risk is managed by the frustration and tugging at your soul to complete the action for the the vision that’s been dropped in it.

I’m an open book and if you haven’t already figured it out, I’m blogging afraid.

Even after 2 years.

The fear didn’t go away.

I take breaks, but I get right back to it. I manage risks of judgement, bad grammar, terrible flow, and countless other insecurities, by just being myself.

I can’t be anyone else. When I try, I crash and burn! The crash and burn hurts so bad. I’m afraid to be anyone other than me. Ever. Again.

So, the most common risk management for me these days, is to do it with Jesus Christ. He walks with me. He talks with me. He leads me. He guides me. If He places a word on my heart, I know that He will see to it that it reaches its expected end. I pause before many of my tasks, pray the Lords will be done and then get to moving.

Whenever I’ve included God in the plan, the good always outweighs the bad and I have the stamina to keep going!

Forget the fear. Invite Christ in. Do it afraid!

Car Talk: Manage Risks


Job Long Time

Instant gratification. It gets us in trouble every time. One of my BFF’s, Frenae, has a saying, “job long time.” Whenever she is promoted or receives accolades, she reminds us all that she’s been with her company sharing revolutionary ideas and producing results for over 20 years. She started as an intern doing grunt work. She worked when we were partying. She’s been early to rise and burned midnight oil and all of her hard work has produced some amazing results in the past 5 years because she’s been promoted more times than I can recall. Frenae is the Oprah to my Gayle.

Why am I telling you this? I am so glad you asked. “Job long time,” is a reminder that you have to withstand the process and actually do the work. The day you start the job is most definitely NOT the day you get the promotion. You don’t even get paid on day one. Day one is the day you plant the seed. And don’t show up being a “Debbie Downer” or a “Negative Nancy” or even a “Troublesome Todd!” Have a positive attitude and be teachable. Personally, I am 12 years into Corporate America, and I spend a lot of time listening before speaking.

Frenae is a great example of patience and humbleness. She showed up. She did the work. She took on side projects. She shadowed others. Do not get me wrong, I know that work environments are all different and there are places where people are discriminated against and disrespected. Everything is not smooth sailing. Even in those cases you have to show up with your head on strong and straight while keeping your eye on the prize. We will talk about that later though…

Whew! I always come back to “job long time!” I am not a rookie, I am a vet! I show up every day to do my job, enhance my skills, build relationships and my reputation of being a knowledgeable, dependable team player. I smile at the compliments and accolades. I acknowledge the moving parts and always reiterate that it’s the hard work that makes the difference. Somebody is always watching. I’ve been promoted and offered other projects as a result of my hard work on unrelated projects. People seek you out for promotions and advancement based off of your reputation and results.

Your time is coming! Do not give up! Remember that some seeds take days and others take months, maybe even years to harvest. It’s not a race, it’s a sprint. If you get discouraged remember Frenae was 15+ years in the game before her promotions took off one year after another. I’m sure she’ll be a director in no time and keep soaring! You have to bow your head and stay the course. Remember…. JOB LONG TIME!!!