Don’t Fake The Funk

Real life. Your daily life. What you do on a daily basis. Be happy with your real life.

Don’t fake the funk. Don’t fake your happiness for a bunch of people on social media. This current generation seems to be so groomed to take a ton of photos, post them and hastag things like #LivingMyBestLife. It’s awesome to be able to say that. I love to post pictures taken in the right light and memes that show how awesome, blessed and highly favored I am. I also like to be transparent and post pictures that other people look amazing in, but aren’t necessarily flattering for me. I even post memes that reflect some of the uncomfortable times that I have had.

As the holiday season approaches, I’ve talked to several people who have expressed their depression, uncomfortableness, dread or impending time with family that makes them remember they are not happy. These same people will also post pictures on social medial with family and friends in close quarters with great big smiles on their faces that display love and admiration.

Why fake the funk? Why only tell people about your triumphs and not your struggles? It gives people a false sense of hope. My greatest smiles and victories have come after some of the greatest struggles in my life.

I have a friend that has a friend (😂🤣) that only posts the glitz and glamour of their life on social media. This same friend of a friend only has surface conversations about how amazing things are in life and always blooming. I remind my friend that nothing blooms all year long and if it does, it’s fake 😉.

Here is my point. I understand that whatever hits social media stays in cyber space forever. It’s why we post pictures with filters, hashtags and catchy status updates. What I’ve learned is that it’s not just okay for ME to post things online for appearances. I need to be happy at my core. Happy in real life. Through this blog, I have posted some things that are amazing, but also some things that show I’ve had some hard times. Sharing my struggles makes me uncomfortable, but happy at the same time. Everytime I get a text message or email from someone saying that a post has helped them in any way, I am happy.

Figure out what it takes to make you happy at your core. Do the work to achieve that happiness. Social Media happiness fades once the site/app is closed. Happiness in your core never stops churning and brings joy and peace with it as a bonus!

Path Pavers

My path has many pavers:

  • How to build your faith
  • How to start from the bottom
  • How to handle heartbreak and broken trust
  • How to grieve tough losses
  • How to love like Jesus
  • How to lead
  • How to keep your smile and find joy
  • How to be a humble servant
  • How to know your role
  • How to press into the presence of God
  • How to listen
  • How to be patient and wait
  • There are more and they will manifest through this blog.
  • People watch you on your path and when similar obstacles arise in their lives, they ask questions and for advice. Share you experiences and remind them that things do differ by individual. I’m focused on the ups and fighting through the downs. I know grief and loss. I can talk to you about embracing it and healing from it. I know joy and peace. I can talk to you about centering in it.
  • Bottom line: your path is a testimony or example for others. Someone, somewhere is waiting on you to share your story so they can have a breakthrough or get confirmation that they path they are on is right. Use your pavers to teach someone else how to build a path!

God Needed Them More

This morning, like most, I woke up and intentionally spent time with God. I love these mornings because He speaks and I listen. He gives me direction and strategy. I’m content in His presence and ready to start my day. You know— jump up out the bed and turn my swag on.

Before I get out of bed I open Facebook and scroll right on down my memory timeline. This photo is revealed.

It’s them. It’s my parents. The Big Dog and Lil’ Debbie. The reasons that my heartbeat. The angels that are helping me on this side of the mountain. Then I am suddenly flushed with emotion. There’s no doubt that having them here in the flesh is my hearts desire. My eyes are sweating and a rush of memories cloud my mind.

I’ve been smiling since Friday afternoon, talking to Him, talking to Them. I’ve been around people that feel like sunshine. I should’ve know this emotion was coming because I’ve been showing up but wanting to be alone at the same time. Not to mention my niece-daughter, Amalia, is attached to my hip.

I know that my emotion comes from a place of unconditional love and a place that God filled with love but left a space for me to always remember them. Since that 10 month period where my heart was yanked out of my chest, I’ve come so far. Whole, with this exception. I’ve overcome anxiety, depression, reckless abandon, failed relationships, drifting friendships, work obstacles, near misses, life changes, loneliness, health scares, behavioral and mental health challenges.

Just moments before the ugly cry, I was smiling and was going to make a Facebook post that said “My face and heart have been smiling for the last few days!” Then I saw the photo, I saw my parents, James and Deborah Williams. In that moment, the Holy Spirit whispered to me, “I needed them more. I’m using them to guide and elevate you.”

… now I need a hug because He needed them more.

I almost kept this post tucked in my heart, HOWEVER there is someone that needs to know:

  • It is OK to grieve for as long as you need. When you feel the moment, give in.
  • Nobody has the right to tell you when, where, what, how and why to grieve.
  • Through the pain you have to find the silver lining.
  • You have to know the Lord will indeed give you Beauty for Ashes.
  • Everything takes time.
  • Let people love you.
  • There is a blessing in the breakdown and the breakthrough.