Face the Facts

I have been reminded several times this year that I can’t trust my feelings. My feelings are often based on matters of the heart and they cloud my judgement so I must Face the Facts. As twisted as it sounds, the fact is that my feelings have been hurt.

The facts give you a firm grasp of what you are up against so you can figure out how to effectively move forward. When you are building, growing, elevating, transitioning, you often feel delayed, behind, and overlooked. I have found that the Lord gives me ‘Path Pavers‘ and I fiddle to my goals, and over time I have learned to get back to the facts and not make moves based off of my feelings.

We search for feedback as we strive to reach our goals. That feedback is the news or the update on how we are progressing and we have to use discernment to separate the facts and the feelings.

Facing the Facts:

No news is bad news. If you don’t know what you are up against, then you cannot be effective. You need the facts, the root of the situation and an understanding of what the outcome should be. You don’t know where you stand if there is no news, and that’s bad.

Bad news is good news. It’s all in how you view a thing. Once I started looking at bad news as growth and opportunity to do better, increase, learn more… it quickly transitioned into good news.

Good news is no news. Just means you did the thing the right way. That you have a grasp on the facts, and you understood and met the goal.

Our feelings should be acknowledged, tracked back to the fact they are tied to and properly dealt with, but not be the driving force behind our actions. Learn the power in a pause. Watch how things change as you base decisions less off of emotion and more off of facts!



I Am Good Soil

For the first time in over 10 years, I am in love with myself and I am walking in my purpose. I’m out of a stretch of low self esteem and heartbreaks. I wanted to wallow in my misfortune, But God kept giving me more things and more people to nurture and love. I watched family, coworkers, friends and frequent acquaintances benefit from my light, love and laughter. I was fighting internal hidden battlefields of the heart and mind, they were leaving me refreshed, happy and encouraged.

See, sometimes, the devil fights us because we are good soil and he knows that anything God plants in us will bear good fruit. Understanding that the enemy attacks at our greatest strength made me realize that I AM GOOD SOIL!

I count it on joy when I’m able to help others see the light where they only saw night. It was this act that helped pull me out of my own darkness and sprout. I was buried for what felt like an eternity. Giving so much of myself to others that there was rarely anything to give to myself. I yearned for stars in the sky and I kept telling the Lord, “I’m a bird, you gotta let me fly!”

At my core, I knew I was so much more than my pain and circumstances. I knew that there was purpose planted inside of me and if I could just crack the seed break the soils surface, everything would be beautiful!

I stopped conforming to what the world wanted and began to live free, but in radical obedience. I knew I could breathe on things and make them great. My love can mend the broken hearted. I am strong enough to carry someone else’s pain while they get their sparkle back. I know just the right amount of reckless talk to fire you up or when to be the breeze that holds you up.

After all, my tsunami had come to an end. I prayed, cried, praised and worshipped my way through. I chased after God and wouldn’t let go until He blessed me. I knew that there were seeds planted inside of me just waiting to sprout and I had to move past the darkness in order to produce.

I. Am. Good. Soil.

This is my reminder that as I step into my 38th year on this earth on March, 14, 2019, that I am amazing and I can do ALL things through Christ who lives in me!


Forever, Is Not Always

Letting go of people no matter who they are in your life is hard. It hurts. The desire to nurture, build and repair relationships is inherent in my life and letting go often feels like failure to succeed. I despise conflict however, my walk away game has grown stronger.

One day,  my friend Sharnessa asked me if I wanted to sit down and talk to a person that betrayed me (reference previous post, “The Other B Words”). My answer was definitely not now, maybe later or maybe this discussion will be had the next time they need something from me. I am James Wallace Williams’ daughter which means there is a hole in my filter, so you get whatever whatever! I digress.

My heart is huge. I’m emotionally invested in everything and I take so many things to heart. Heart being the key here. I start out loving everyone unconditionally. It’s the other persons actions or lack thereof that add the conditions. So, if I let you go, it could have been me, BUT it was also you. I have allowed so many people to take space in my life that were not deserving of  such space. At this point in my life, I am only fighting for what I know belongs in my life.

There is a level of naivety that leads me to believe that everyone is a good person, has good intentions or loves like me. I wholeartedly believe that when I make friends, they are forever friends. Again, I invest deeply in relationships, so I think they should last forever. What realistically happened was, I got baptised by fire on the saying, ” Reason, Season or Lifetime.” That baptism taught me that, “Forever, is not always!” You have to use a level of discernment that your feelings or heart is not able to filter. Relationships can’t just feel good, they have to look, sound and smell good as well. Don’t let your mind play tricks on you and turn reasons into seasons or seasons into lifetimes.

If you find your self in a position where your mind is questioning a persons place in your life, take a step back. Recall the reason they entered your life. Was there closure on that reason? What season where you in? Was the season dark or light? Sowing or Harvest Season? In the relationship, have you noticed something different about them? Do they act weird when good things happen to you? Do they revel in your pain? Are they jealous of other relationships you have in your life? I ask myself these questions and probabaly millions more about people I am relationship with. This is how I came to learn that “Forever, is not always!”