Face the Facts

I have been reminded several times this year that I can’t trust my feelings. My feelings are often based on matters of the heart and they cloud my judgement so I must Face the Facts. As twisted as it sounds, the fact is that my feelings have been hurt.

The facts give you a firm grasp of what you are up against so you can figure out how to effectively move forward. When you are building, growing, elevating, transitioning, you often feel delayed, behind, and overlooked. I have found that the Lord gives me ‘Path Pavers‘ and I fiddle to my goals, and over time I have learned to get back to the facts and not make moves based off of my feelings.

We search for feedback as we strive to reach our goals. That feedback is the news or the update on how we are progressing and we have to use discernment to separate the facts and the feelings.

Facing the Facts:

No news is bad news. If you don’t know what you are up against, then you cannot be effective. You need the facts, the root of the situation and an understanding of what the outcome should be. You don’t know where you stand if there is no news, and that’s bad.

Bad news is good news. It’s all in how you view a thing. Once I started looking at bad news as growth and opportunity to do better, increase, learn more… it quickly transitioned into good news.

Good news is no news. Just means you did the thing the right way. That you have a grasp on the facts, and you understood and met the goal.

Our feelings should be acknowledged, tracked back to the fact they are tied to and properly dealt with, but not be the driving force behind our actions. Learn the power in a pause. Watch how things change as you base decisions less off of emotion and more off of facts!



Show Your Scars

As far as I can remember I have always been an open book, living my life out loud. I have shared every aspect of my life with others and never thought twice about it. That was until I lost a few friends in my adult life. Friendship is supposed to be life journeys safe zone. A ‘no judgement zone’ that allows you to be vulnerable and not ashamed. When that truth became rifled, I became closed off. No longer wanting to share my experiences. That was until my broken heart started to heal. (Reference previous post, “The Other B Words“)

No matter the type of relationship and how it ends, there is a grieving process. Grief work is hard work. Grief happens seasonally. As seasons change and things transition in and out of our lives, we as human beings are stretched mentally, emotionally and physically. Trying to get over, past or around things that affect us in positive and negative ways.

The scars look different based on the wound it is from. I had to be reminded that God’s grace is sufficient as my wounds healed. Sisterhoods, brotherhoods, romantic and intimate relationships, parents passing, career changes, obstructions and developments – were all molded by God’s grace and covered with His mercy.

Last week I posted, “Don’t Fake The Funk” This week I’m reminded that it is OK to “Show Your Scars”. Consider this — my mommy had a cute little indentation on her forehead. When I asked her what had happened, she said that she was playing one day and fell and hit her head on a coffee table. It looked like it hurt bad and would always serve as a reminder when she looked in the mirror to be cautious of her actions and surroundings. To me the scar was beautiful, but by the story of pain she endured I knew I didn’t want one. I would walk up to my mom and wiggle my finger in the indentation and that physical touch always reminded me when I was younger, to be careful when playing in the house around the coffee table because I didn’t want to be hurt like my mommy.

My mommy’s flaws, scars, imperfections, triumphs – were all gracefully beautiful to me. The sharing of her scars and the wounds that caused them saved me world of hurt, heart ache and pain. Life is experienced in two ways, pain or lessons. I prefer lessons. I appreciate my mommy’s scars, they were Path Pavers (see previous post) that allowed me to become stronger and wiser.

I said all of that to say this,  “SHOW YOUR SCARS!” You never know how sharing the healing of that wound will bless someone. We spend so much time trying to cover our scars, not realizing that we can help someone along a similar path heal and possibly minimize their scars.

Mind, Body, Spirit

Winter, Spring and Summer are struggling to transition and so am I. My mind, body and soul are also a tad challenged on the alignment rack. I am done with my personal winter (my spirit has crawled out of the cold), my language is already in my personal summer, but my body is still in spring. I find myself in front of my vision board many mornings reading my quotes and getting stuck on one that I carried over from 2017…


When I get overwhelmed emotionally or mentally, I steal some time alone and sit somewhere in total silence just after I find a trusted soul to hug me and put me back together. One of these days I’ll do as my daddy instructed and go back to yoga.

We have to remember to ground ourselves. We can’t always be on the go or continuously pour from our cups. Our bodies speak with fatigue, exhaustion, aches or pains. Our language slows, becomes anxious, mixes between written and verbal. When you sense these things realize that you are out of balance. Stop the movement and find the stillness…. after all the stillness provides guidance because it will reground you.

Don’t run yourself ragged. Allow your mind, body, and spirit all to come together.

… Back to stillness I go.